Crossed Up: Throwing Back Some Natty Daddies with Brett Myers

Anthony and Bob talk with 2008 World Series champ Brett Myers. Topics include his development, move to closer, dealing with the media, and the 2008 title run. Myers’ storied postseason at-bats, new music career, and drinking beer are also covered.

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Audio after the jump:

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5 Responses

  1. Brett was always kind of embarrassing. Obnoxious guy that likes to imitate WWE guys. You know the type….Never grew up and completely unaware of how he acts. Smacking his wife around was not surprising.

    Kind of guy that would guard a Columbus statue just for the attention.

  2. Met Brett before in Clearwater years back . He was a funny dude .

  3. Is crossing broad gonna be reporting live from the cop free zone off the BF parkway?
    Local news has been reporting I couldve sworn I saw KKink walking out one of the tents

  4. What the hell is going on with the mobile layout of this site?
    It does fell like it’s less riddled with gambling ads, so that’s a plus

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