Denise Nakano Out at NBC 10, Buyouts Offered to Other Employees

One week after CBS 3 Eyewitness News shed 14 employees, another Philadelphia TV veteran is moving on:

Nakano was an Emmy and Murrow winner who had been anchoring weekends at WCAU for quite a long time.

Not sure whether this is a buyout, layoff, or expiring contract, but I was told last week that NBC 10 had begun the process of offering buyouts to employees who were interested.

A source described the situation to me as “informational meetings with those interested,” explaining that employees were asked to contact human resources if they were thinking about voluntary separation. This is similar to what MediaNews Group did with their local cluster of newspapers, though it sounds like specific details were only provided to those who asked, instead of the paperwork being sent out en masse via company email.

NBC 10 is owned by Comcast, which put a lot of money into their product over the past 6-7 years. They have a significant amount of resources at their disposal, much more than Eyewitness News, for sure. That’s a big reason why they were able to push Action News for the #1 overall spot in Philadelphia while CBS and FOX 29 typically battle for 3rd and 4th place in our market, though those stations do better in some specific time slots.

(If you’ve got any details about the NBC buyouts, you can hit me up anonymously at [email protected])


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  1. #BIDEN2020

    Vote for an adult as president.
    A law an order candidate that won’t sit by as nasties burn and loot our cities
    Denise Nakano would most likely approve of this message.


  2. No one will beat channel 6 news as long as Jim Gardner is the anchor.
    Its really that simple.
    To think otherwise is stupidity.

    There are icons in philadelphia that have done their jobs forevere without fucking up:
    Harry Kalas, Merrill Reese, Jim Gardner

  3. massive turnover at all the philly news stations EXCEPT channel 6.


  4. Kevin – SELFISH PROTESTORS, who don’t care about the “Older people” that we are protecting by wearing masks and staying shut down? Where’s the article?

    But GOD FORBID people protest opening up their own fn business.

    Vote Democrat and get Democrat results. See every major city burning right now.

  5. You can’t compete with 24 hour news. Most are getting news from comedians these days too. Channel 10 was playing game shows last night meanwhile our city is under siege. Nobody is waiting for 11:00.

  6. Hope I’m back on the air today, can’t wait to defend what happened this weekend, and tell everyone how they should feel about this.

  7. Lol ……. I’m sure Mike will be 100% WOKE today. Kissing Tyrone & Nat’s ass real good.

    1. 100% He is going to tell us HOW we should be okay with watching our city being looted and burned.

      ANYONE who agrees with this is a stone cold loser.

      Vote Democrat, get Democrat results.

        1. Which republican major city would that be?
          I watched all the streams over the weekend, I might be wrong but didn’t think any were Republican strong holds.

          Thanks for playing.

          Vote DemonKKKRats and get DemonKKKrat results.

    2. The Tyrone Show featuring Andrew and Nat. It is a reality. Doesn’t need many listeners. Costs are low.

    1. Well Trump is already the worst.
      Can he go lower than ‘the worst president ever”?

      I have confidence that he can.

      He should probably be committed to the pysch ward at bellevue
      and let a grown adult take over.

  8. Where is the article and comments on how it is wrong for young kids to burn and loot our cities?
    How come you haven’t commented on it KEVIN?

    Why are you supporting the burning, looting and destruction in our cities KEVIN!?

    1. Great point. An article on that subject is needed just in case somebody thought burning and looting was a good thing.

      We have to teach the kids.

      You seem really smart.

    2. Its true. We had how many articles about social distancing and SELFISH business owners protesting to open their OWN FCKIN Businesses….

      City gets looted and burns…..CRICKETS from CB and KEVIN.

      One can only think, maybe CB or KEVIN condone this type of behavior.
      Ends justify the means…..AMIRITE!?

      1. One subject has varying points of view. Mask or no mask?

        The other subject has no varying point of view.

        What is wrong with you? Do you ever stop whining about nonsense?

        1. Business and people can’t protest open their own businesses….NO GOOD SELFISH MAGATS

          RIOTERS loot, burn police cars, and burn the city down………NOTHING

          Both breaking the laws, but funny we only care about the GYM/Hair Salon owner who wants to feed their families.

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