Donovan McNabb Guested on Kevin Hart’s “Cold as Balls” Show

Comedian Kevin Hart does the “Cold as Balls” video series, where he and a guest sit in a pair of ice baths during a freestyle interview.

He can’t do it right now because of quarantine, so “Cold as Balls” is temporarily “Cold Calls,” and on the latest episode Donovan McNabb called in:


There’s some Terrell Owens stuff around 4:55 if you have an interest in diving back into that.

Number five will always love you!

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11 Responses

  1. Don asks – Do you get the idea that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?

    The moron has lost his mind. He is furious again. Lol. Such a whiney little man.
    Bad week for bigots.

    You still have the trash base, Don.


  2. Nick Foles: 1 Super Bowl Ring, 1 Super Bowl MVP.
    Carson Wentz: 1 Super Bowl Ring.
    Donovan McNabb: 2 DUI’s.

    1. Since we are passing judgement………..
      How many years of professional sport experience do you have assWIPE?

      1. Something else that is true:

        I think maybe you need to make June 20th “P.U.T.O.TWENTY” a company wide CB holiday.

        This will allow the all white male wigger staff members of crossingfraud to have time to
        reflect on the company policies like:

        1) hiring employee who have used past company socialmedia accts to call mexicans
        raeycyst names like P.U.T.O. and were FlRED for it and not explaining why they
        did this.

        2) having no women on staff at crossing fraud

        3) having no people of color on staff at crossing fraud

        P.U.T.O.TWENTY – Crossing Fraud company wide holiday

  3. hahaha

    The problem with sports radio is that all of the hosts, that have not played sports professionally
    over a sustained period started out as idiot blog fucks like kinks and kyle.

    That is why those types of shows suck and they have to have ex sports type on there.

      1. only when he played for the sixers……

        oh wait…..

        does doing Meth count as being sober?


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