Former NFL Linebacker Says Mike Gundy Called Him N-Word in College

Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

Two-time Super Bowl champion linebacker Alfred Williams says Mike Gundy called him the N word in a college game dating back to 1989.

This isn’t a new story, but it resurfaced again following the situation that unfolded this week with Oklahoma State’s star running back Chuba Hubbard calling out his head coach for wearing a One America News Network t-shirt.

Gundy apologized and promised to make changes within the Cowboys’ program, but the national hubbub resulted in the Williams allegation returning to the news cycle.


Alfred Williams, a former star linebacker at Colorado, wants an apology from Mike Gundy after renewing an allegation that the Oklahoma State coach called him the N-word in 1989 when Gundy was a player for the Cowboys.

Recounting the incident during an interview Wednesday night with The Oklahoman, Williams told the newspaper that he doesn’t want Gundy to be fired, but he does want an apology and to see “some growth.”

Williams, 51, was one of multiple Colorado players who said in 1989 that Gundy, then a quarterback at Oklahoma State, used the racial slur during the Buffaloes’ 41-17 victory over the Cowboys. Gundy denied the allegations after the game.

Somebody dug up a newspaper article from 1989 with the Gundy quotes. He claims Colorado was talking trash about his mother during the game.

Funny how these things work though. It’s a little bit like the ‘me too’ movement, where one person steps up to make an allegation or call out somebody’s actions, then you see other people begin to speak up, and it starts to snowball. That’s not to pass judgment on Williams or Gundy or Hubbard or anybody at all; it’s just interesting to see how these stories typically develop.

If more people surface with similar allegations, Gundy might have to address this publicly, and/or Oklahoma State might have to think about the feasibility of continuing the football program with the longtime coach at the helm.

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11 Responses

  1. Mike Gundy is finished at Oklahoma State and , in all likelihood, as a head coach at any school. If they have not already, very shortly his current and former players will be blowing up Twitter over this. The sharks smell blood in the water. The biggest mistake that he has ever made in his life, and in his career, was backing down over that t-shirt crap. He should have stood his ground, but he did not. He revealed himself for what he really is: a coward. He has no one to blame but himself for the inevitable outcome. My prediction: by this weekend Gundy will be out as the head coach at OSU. At that point he will have no job, no career,and worst of all no dignity. Coward.

      1. He certainly did. He can tell himself all day long that “he gets it now” over the kneeling but everyone knows the truth. He rolled over for the mob with the hope that it will salvage his goal of going into broadcasting after he retires. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t….who knows and who cares. Like you said he punked out and is just as cowardly as Mike “I’m a man” Gundy. That stain will never wash off of either one of them.

        1. I agree. When your reputation and livelihood are at stake, don’t cave. Stand your ground. Say that you don’t care if you offended people. Be a man about it.
          Anybody that admits they may have offended someone ruins their career. Just keep being offensive. That always works out better. Success will be along shortly!

          Trump 2020.

  2. From when 1989 . Holy shit ! Bet we go back to 70s can find a lot of people that said some stupid shit.

  3. Imagine a world where people get offended by a college football coach wearing a t shirt with a news organization on it, but not offended by thousands upon thousands of black babies aborted every year.

    Black Lives Matter though amirite!?

  4. big fucking deal.

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    Cr0ssingBroad has no pe0ple of c0l0r on staff
    Cr0ssingBroad has no w0man on staff.
    But then again, that r.a.t fuck K.Y.L.E could care less about ethics….

    Kinkiers called some mexic@ns P.U,T,O’s using the ch@nnel 3 s0cial medi@ @ccount.
    And he still got hired by some fucking moral less shell of a shyster company call crossing br0ad.

    I’m going back to the gym.
    fuck you all

  5. yeah uh huh……

    this is a lot worse than kinkeirs calling mexicans r@ycist names like P-U-T-O
    using the philly ch3 soc media acct.

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