Today is Juneteenth, a non-federal holiday commemorating the 1865 order freeing all slaves in Texas. Delivered by Major General Gordon Granger, it more or less solidified the Emanicipation Proclamation, which was issued in January of 1863.

In the wake of the George Floyd protests and demonstrations, the holiday is being revisited and reexamined by a number of businesses and organizations, one of them being Sixers owner Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment, which is now closing down offices at all of its properties and permanently recognizing the holiday.

Additionally, HBSE says they will unveil a new diversity and inclusion initiative in the coming weeks.

From a company spokesperson:

“Beginning this Friday, June 19th, Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment will permanently recognize the significance of Juneteenth by closing the offices for all teams, venues, and companies within its portfolio so employees may spend the day renewing their commitment to fostering a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion, and equality, commensurate with organizational values; as we seek to combat systemic racism and injustice through our powerful platform of sports and entertainment”

Here’s a good Juneteenth read from PBS.