Inquirer Executive Says This Headline “Should Not Have Been Published”

Great article by Inga Saffron at the Inquirer this week titled “Black Lives Matter. Do Buildings?”

She’s the Inky’s architecture critic and writes a ‘two things can be true’ column about the damage in Philadelphia as part of the spin-off rioting and looting taking place in the wake of George Floyd’s murder.

Writes Saffron:

“You can be appalled and heartbroken by our country’s deadly racism, and yet still quake at what the damage to downtown portends for Philadelphia. Racism is built on strong foundations. The momentary satisfaction of destroying a few buildings does nothing to remove those structures. All it does is weaken our city.”

Agree 100%. The looting and vandalism distracts from the purpose (racial inequality and police brutality), negatively impacts black business owners, and also gives opponents something to latch on to.

Problem here is that the story was apparently published with a different headline, which is causing some grief on social media and resulted in the Executive Editor and Senior Vice President responding:

Buildings Matter, Too,” it says.

That’s not written by Saffron, but I assume an Inquirer editor, which is a luxury these days. Most media outlets gutted their copy desks years ago, but the Inky still has proofreaders who double as headline writers. Smaller outlets typically just have writers doing their own headlines.

A lot of Inquirer employees are on social media right now apologizing on behalf of the company, calling the headline embarrassing and appalling. Doesn’t seem like anything malicious to me, just a case of missing the mark from the person responsible. Hopefully they don’t get canceled or fired, which would be a bit much unless this poor soul is a repeat offender.

Either way, it’s a good read from Saffron, so regardless of what the headline says, I’d recommend giving it a look. 


Here’s an official statement from the Inquirer:


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  1. I’ve heard from sources that Inga does have “some black friends”. We’re good here.

  2. You never say what your beef is with the “Buildings Matter Too” article title?

  3. Are we supposed to feel sorry that the monster that the media helped feed is now eating them for lunch? Smart or well thought out stories don’t mean anything anymore. It’s all about not angering the mob and walking in lockstep with whatever they decide. Anyone who disagrees or doesn’t vocally agree will be crushed.

    1. i don’t think me and you agree on a lot politically from what i’ve seen you post here, but i agree %100 percent with your statement about pleasing the mob. Very telling

  4. No doubt about it. We can NOT have a debate this year. Not with Covid! Not safe! Just election. NO debate!

    Biden 2020!

    Repeal the 2nd amendment!

  5. Media is so fucking evil trying to divide us. That’s why I stick to blogs and podcasts lol

  6. Welcome to the world of the politically correct:
    Frank Rizzo statue…..BAD
    Malcolm X. Park ……..GOOD

  7. kinks supports out of control looting, burning and damage done to our cities
    otherwise he would have spoken out against it.

    don’t worry folks this will all be over within another 2 weeks
    when these aholes aren’t given any more attention.

  8. kinks,

    you haven’t talked about if those fisk town boys threw you a beating or not.

    We saw the dialogue that they knew where you lived etc?

    Well. did you stand up for your self?
    Stay at home or what?

  9. Ok first off the officer that killed George Floyd was obviously a criminal and in the wrong. Looting and burning buildings is also wrong. Why cant we say that yes some police are terrible people but also the way the public deals with police also needs to be addressed. Another point is how can you have a discussion at this point about racism when if you disagree your automatically a racist? When everyone else does better and i dont hear that i am a white devil or have white privilege than we can have a discussion. I have had no privilege and was not born into anything. I worked and obeyed laws to get what i have which is not much. If someone says racism is bad and says black lives matter instead of all lives matter, i cannot agree with you

  10. Destroying property is bad. Institutional racism is much much much worse. Lingering on “vandalism” shows a lack of understanding of the depth of these issues.

    Do you really value inanimate buildings that won’t last centuries on the same level as human lives that have been impacted for 400 years?

    1. Last week the whole country agreed that the Floyd murder was..murder. That didn’t last long, because now we can whatabout….cloud rioters in with protests, etc. The idiot looters allowed the conversation to be hijacked yet again. Remember how Kapernick’s quiet protest against this very thing was changed into “Our Flag! Our Veterans!?” Now the Floyd murder is changed into “Yeah, but these looters….” No change will happen.

  11. I’m white. Institutional racism is real in America. To change that, white people have to change. My problem is I don’t see white people changing when they see cities being destroyed.

  12. Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs, the Daily Mail reported.

    1. oh, thanks for pointing that out. that makes his murder acceptable to me now.

  13. I havent been alive for 400 years and neither have you comment name. Explain to me how desrroying your own community helps solidify the point of racism. I am up for discussion but not by terrorizing people. Secondly, both sides of my family are Irish immigrants who came to America in the 1930’s. So not everyone is the same and not everyone has been a part of institutional racism.

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