Imagine you’re one of the losers rioting and looting and ruining an otherwise peaceful demonstration, then you see the Iceman coming for your ass. Or you’ve got Jonny Bones approaching, about to put you in a standing guillotine choke. I personally would crap my pants if one of those guys got their hands on me.

Last night Jones, the current UFC light heavyweight champion, was out in Albuquerque doing some de-escalating:

And here’s 50 year old Chuck Liddell trying to calm tensions in Huntington Beach, where apparently he was able to break up a couple of fights:

It’s a good point. Chuck could be a referee. Maybe we could even get Tito Ortiz out there and the two could serve as peacemakers who lay the smackdown on anybody who decides to break a window or flip a car.

The irony here is that MMA is supposedly such a “violent” sport, yet you’ve got two big names out here trying to calm things down. And yes, I know Jon Jones has had his past legal troubles, but in this specific situation he’s not wrong when he talks about “love for your city” and the idiocy of vandalism, which has nothing to do with George Floyd.