Major League Baseball Counter Proposal Expected Today

Here’s the latest update in the battle between millionaires and billionaires:

Jon Heyman says both the league and players union “likely have about five days or so to do a deal before MLB would implement the shorter season.”

Just to backtrack here, since this is getting muddy and complicated –

  1. MLB’s most recent proposal came on Monday, which was an offer of 76 games with expanded postseason and players receiving 75% of their prorated salaries. The season would run possibly beyond October.
  2. The union countered on Tuesday with an 89-game season and full prorated salaries, season running July 11th to October 10th.

We’ll see what happens. I sense that fans have basically had it with this story and just want both sides to figure it out.

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16 Responses

  1. This article was way to long to hold my attention span.

    IT was written/stolen by someone who was shiitcanned from channel three
    because he used a company soc media accouunt to mock mexicans
    with raaciial name like P,U,T,O.

    either he is idi0t or raciist. which?

    Kinkier never explained what went down with this BUT
    he continually mocks and judges other people on a daily basis.

    This includes working for a company that only has young white wigger males
    on staff and does not hire women or people of color.

    Nothing more than a fucking hippocrite.

      1. And you are the high quality 80hr workweek ‘adult’ paying for my free healthcare and food every month.
        Think i’ll take another 8 months of vacation…on YOUR DIME!
        Thanks a lot!

          1. just make sure i get my check every month and free internet access.


  2. It was a shame Bubba Wallace’s Black Lives Matter racecar was repossessed half way through the race.

        1. My butt is clean. Creepy stalker dude has some weird stuff going on.

          We went from baseball to wiping butt. That’s the man/boy stuff.

          They are out there. Keep an eye on your kids.

  3. Does anyone know when they have the demolition of the washington monument in D.C. scheduled?

    George Washington owned many slaves so his name should be stricken from all the text books and face of the earth
    like he never existed.

    can’t wait for this.
    hope its on cnn.

    I hope JesusChrist didn’t own slaves.
    That would mean we’d have to tear down all churches.

    Can’t treat anyone special now….that would be hypocritical……..

    1. he did…they were called Apostles…heard he wasn’t paying them shit, all had to live in the same house, and had to share one loaf of bread and a bottle of wine every night

  4. still waiting for kyle to explain why he doesn't hire women or people of color for CB staff. says:

    still waiting for kyle to explain why he doesn’t hire women or people of color for CB staff.

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