Major League Baseball Rejects Union Proposal


Still no agreement between MLB and the players union:

Here’s Bob’s take on the matter:

“MLB owners and the MLBPA keep looking for the upper hand through media leaks. It’s not working as the public has zero appetite for this process. There’s no sympathy for either side. Each would be best served by staying quiet until there’s a resolution.”

Jeff Passan and others have reported on the idea of MLB coming back with a 50-game season offer, so I guess we’ll continue to patiently wait and see what happens here.


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      1. everyone posting here already forgot this post was about MLB, who by the way ain’t gonna play – not because of the boogey-virus, but good ole fashioned greed. Ah well, as long as we have hockey and football, I don’t really care. The MLB contracts have gotten beyond ridiculous anyway, so it’s satisfying to see them unemployed on a schadenfreude level

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