Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand Donating $100 Million to Organizations for Racial Equality and Social Justice

Holy crap:

$100 million over ten years. That’s a lot of money.

Of course some bozo is gonna come along and say “yeah but he’s worth X amount of dollars,” which is pitiful. $10 million dollars per year, for a full decade, is nothing to scoff at and should be commended.

Nice job by the greatest basketball player of all time.

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27 Responses

  1. Yeah uh huh….
    Throwing money at it always works.

    How exactly is this going to ‘ensure racial equality’?

    I have yet to see any kind of REAL plans/solutions.

    If you’re gonna complain you better have a solution
    or i people could give a shit about what you have to say.

    1. If you are going to complain you better have a plan?

      Sounds great. Means nothing. Bluster.

      You whine all the time.

  2. Kevin: when channel three fired you for bigoted, racial slurs towards mexicans on their social media account, did you think you could just ignore and it would go away? Has Kyle announced where he’ll be donating a portion of proceeds from his cheaply, foreign made and couterfeit buffs? Has Kyle contributed to the All In challenge since all this site does is borrow and steal content from the rest of the hard working media? If you and Kyle keep ignoring this, does it ever go away???

  3. You know this is killing cheap angry Uncle Tom Michael Jordan .
    Probably donating the $$ he couldn’t lose betting the last 8-9 weeks. In honesty good for the Jordan brand .

  4. If you need a black guy getting killed and country wide riots before you show you care then how much do you really care?

  5. I was trying to memorize my talking points this morning, while doing my morning disinfectant injection. I adjusted my tinfoil hat toward the SE – morning reception trick.

    Fox and Friends has changed our marching orders. I assume these repeaters will be temporary, but now masks and social distancing are important. The horrible protestors are not following the Trump guidelines, so it’s now important. Be prepared to reverse course soon. Once the protests stop we will again call them Liberal guidelines and say masks are stupid. STAY UPDATED. LIBERALS HATE FACTS!!!

    Have a great weekend Patriots. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Trump 2020 !

    Ps- Lysol prices are going up. Get your medicine while you can.

  6. I can’t tell anyone what it’s like to be a black man in this country, even if some goofy ugly looking white liberals try to.

    I see the pain in my friends hearts about all the injustices done over the years. God bless

  7. If the new trolls want to reply to themselves, be less obvious losers. And maybe, just mayyyyyyybe, try to be funny…. where have you been candy from the oak???

  8. Why did jordan wait until NOW to donate?

    He could have done this 10 years ago.

    what a fucking dope.

  9. Cause I’m a twenty-first century digital boy
    I don’t know how to live but I got a lot of toys
    My daddy’s a lazy middle-class intellectual
    My mommy’s on Valium, so ineffectual
    Ain’t life a mystery, yeah?

    1. Whitey won’t get any of that money….and by the way what happened to the $89 Million that the NFL gave Malcolm Jenkins and all those other protesters?

      1. Patriot Joe –

        Well said. It is difficult for us in America. The deck is stacked against us. Where is our free money?


  10. Patriots –

    Tough times don’t last but tough people do! I know things aren’t looking good. President Trump is one and done. The entire world is laughing at us. Remember – we have our guns and we have the internet (the only good thing liberals ever gave us) to show our strength and to deal with our self-esteem issues. Use the platform. Spew coded hate about our neighbors and by all means wave the flag while you do it. God bless the USA!


  11. Defunding the police in major cities, now that will get you elected back in office! Really, ok let’s drag this irrational argument to its conclusion. There are bad apples in every profession. For example, In Education, there are teachers & priests that have molested their students

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