Oklahoma State’s Star Running Back Won’t Play Because of Mike Gundy’s Shirt

Chuba Hubbard is the reigning Big 12 rushing champion, and last year’s victory wasn’t even close. His 2,094 yards were nearly 800 more than the #2 rusher in the league, who was future Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. No other running back came close.

Anyway, Hubbard is one of the nation’s best ball carriers and he says he’s not doing anything with Oklahoma State because he’s pissed off that head coach Mike Gundy appeared in a photo wearing a One America News Network shirt:

OAN is a conservative network existing to the right of FOX News on the political spectrum.

I’m interested in hearing what Gundy has to say in response to this. He previously has railed against social media, saying that he could “give a rat’s ass about Twitter” before making a fart noise into the microphone. He also famously ripped a newspaper writer for a hit piece against one of his players, yelling “I’m a man! I’m 40!” in response to the journalist going after a student-athlete.


I didn’t even realize this, but Hubbard led the entire nation in rushing. The guy from Navy was about 70 yards behind him.

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20 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ this younger generation are the biggest bunch of sensitive pussies ever . Always crying

    1. Dude’s risking his career to take a stand, and you call him a p*ssy. I find his courage admirable. Oh, but I’m sure you’re a very tough man too.

    2. Yet here you are crying about him exercising his rights. Boohoo Troggy.

  2. lol One American News Network is insensitive how? Does want to tell this edumacated brother that white men are more likely to die at the hands of police than “brothers”. Ah the stupidity of the slave, (yes blacks are still slaves to white liberals) is staggering

    1. Wow, you can barely form a coherent sentence, surely you’re the pride of the Aryan race.

    1. It’s really not though. CNN at least pays lip service to the ‘both sides’ trope. OAN is totally bonkers and never EVER considers other explanations… the completely boring way they deliver the news is part of the psy-op. Just blandly state outrageous things and like the frog slowly boiling in the pot, the CHUDs never realize that what they’re listening to is insane.

  3. HUBBARD IS A CANADIAN!!! He has zero right to comment on US politics.
    If it were a CNN, MSNBC or Obama shirt it would not be a problem

  4. Guess this clown can spend some more time on his Nuclear Engineering studies?

  5. OMG the “star” running back won’t play, and thinks anyone cares, LOL. Plenty of others to take this vagina’s place while it deprives the world of its talents in an offended huff. Somehow we’ll survive :c)

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