It looks like Oskar Lindblom’s cancer treatments are going well. Alma Lindqvist, Lindblom’s girlfriend of over two years, took to her Instagram story to post this update about the Flyers’ young winger:

“Today it’s 6 months ago we found out about the cancer, and about 3 months since he had the surgery,” she wrote. “Can’t believe that soon we can put this behind us.”

There’s a bit of new info for most, as it’s the first time I remember word of a surgery had been made public. It’s not my place to speculate publicly about the location, etc., but the belief is that Lindblom will look to take to the ice at some point in the next two seasons. All of this hinges on the completion of his treatments, continued testing, and ability to get back to playing shape for the rigors of an NHL season. The main thing here is it appears things are continuing to trend in the right direction for Lindblom.

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