Phillies Statement on Positive COVID-19 Tests

From the team:

Every time a media outlet or blog does a COVID-19 post, this happens:

  1. 50% of readers accuse the outlet of acting like “soy boy liberal pussies” who are “living in fear”
  2. the other 50% accuse the outlet of being reckless MAGAs who would kill their grandparents to save the economy.

Time’s yours.

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22 Responses

    1. P U T O s don’t like women because of their orientation, so there is zero chance of KK’s daughter dating one.
      Example: A. Joseph channel 6 meteorologist is a P U T O and has zero interest in women.

    2. A Mexican yes, they are hot tamales. But not a Central American. A Brazilian yes, they are babes. But not a Uruguayan. I’d really prefer a real European Spaniard. But I’d settle for an Aztec or an Euskaldun.

  1. you know kevy got SHlTCANNED from channel 3 for callinbg mexicans
    reycyst names like P.U.T.O. during one of his hayte filled rants.

    no the answer is KNOW!

    she can’t date women or people of color since CB staff aren’t allowed to work with those types either.

  2. PREDICTION: philly covid cases will go up by 40% within 2 weeks

    philly, stupidity at its finest!

  3. Kevin – where is the percentage of people who think rioting, looting, and burning cities down (peaceful protesting) is fine behavior during a pandemic, but opening your small business…..”NOOO WHAT ABOUT GRANDMA?”

    You know like some people from this outlet…

    1. I prefer to melodramatically panic. Makes me feel like I’m doing something and gives me a reason to pontificate in court like an Emperor every day.

      1. Any word on why the 3 stooges REQUIRED BY LAW to send positive Covid patients back to nursing homes?

        I thought they cared about Grandma?

        1. Be quiet or I’ll close your business with a snap of my girly fingers. Covid has given me Fueherpowers. Just shut up and do as I say. After all, I quote “science” in all my dictats and that fools the flunatics each and very time.

        2. Send granny to the nursing home…she had a good run but is useless now. My brother is so great, he spread rumors and hides facts from the American people all day on cable news. Yes Columbus owned slaves and brutalized native Americans….but that’s the Italian contribution to our history, so leave my statue alone because I’m the king, born a prince, with ZERO actual accomplishments in life. I am your typical democrat, my self worth is derived from my ability to govern, and I am the BEST!!!

  4. So the Phillies shuddered their facilities again, the Blue Jays also, this isn’t good! This MLB season is hanging on by a thread.

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