Report: Five Phillies Test Positive for Coronavirus

Jim Salisbury at NBC Sports Philadelphia is reporting that five Phillies players who had been training in Clearwater tested positive for COVID-19.

Writes Salisbury, citing multiple sources:

In addition to the five players, three staff members have tested positive. The identities of those infected is not known.

A significant number of team personnel are awaiting test results so it’s possible the outbreak could worsen.

None of the eight people who have been infected have been hospitalized and the virus appears to be under control in all of them.

As if the MLB vs. Players Association stalemate wasn’t bad enough, now this news.

Sounds like all of these players/staffers will be fine, but it just fuels the argument that we shouldn’t be playing sports right now, or that we shouldn’t be in Florida. You’ve got the Union resuming play in Orlando on July 8th and the Sixers are expected to begin down there on July 30th. It looks pretty weird to be resuming these leagues in a spot where cases continue to spike, and now a bunch of Phils are dealing with COVID as well.

Here’s the full Salisbury story:

Breaking: Coronavirus outbreak at Phillies camp in Clearwater

Update here with some new info from Scott Lauber at the Inquirer:

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16 Responses

  1. Geee
    HOW DID ‘that’ happen?

    guess there is no baseball


  2. now the whole fucking facility gets quarantined.

    Oh sorry, thats right.
    FL gov is a dumb fuck.

    go about your business.

    don’t worry about dieing from no ventilators.
    Come one up to NH we have plenty…..
    If you can make it in time………..
    sorry you’re d E a D

  3. this is news? – a bunch of people “tested positive” and as usual, none are sick. And the usual braindead trembling pussies froth themselves into overwrought panic, LOL.

  4. Good thing there will be no baseball in 2020 anyway

    Also – good move by the NBA to play the playoffs in Orlando

    NFL cancellation will be next

  5. Please cancel the NFL Season too. Watch the militant players cry after a few missed paychecks from Whitey. Maybe then they will realize they need us; we don’t need them.

    1. Joe the Dumber –

      You say you have been a season ticket holder since the 80’s. You bought a camper this year for tailgating.

      Did you forget?


  6. “Sounds like all of these players/staffers will be fine, but it just fuels the argument that we shouldn’t be playing sports right now, or that we shouldn’t be in Florida. ”

    Hilarious yet typical, I did not see any comments like that when people were burning and looting cities. I assume the ends justify the means, typical Marxist bs.

    Kyle, this dude is the worst.

    1. Gov Wolf and his she-beast Dr Richard (Rachel) Levine says it is healthy to march with thousands of looters, but do not dare go to an outdoor car show in Carlisle…too many whiteys.

  7. Impossible.

    More liberal hoax stuff. Now the Phillies are in on it. All a leftist media plot to bring down the President. One of it is true. It’s just a cold. They are making up the casualty count. The whole world is in on this hoax. It is so obvious.

    I shake hands and don’t wear a mask. Alpha Dog!!! 🐕 🐶

    Everybody knows the whole world is in on this hoax. It’s obviously a conspiracy.

    Libs hate facts!

  8. P U T O is a popular Mexican soccer (football) cheer directed at the goalie when he kicks the ball downfield in a an attempt to distract him.
    It’s English translation is a male like channel 6 meteorologist A Joseph.

  9. So cool you know her former name, insecure needle dick much? Feel more masculine now?

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