From Marc Narducci at the Inquirer:

Marc doesn’t break a lot of news but I’m pretty sure his track record is 100% with stuff like this. Owl Scoop is also reporting the news.

Dunphy recently stepped down from Temple’s basketball program, which is now helmed by Aaron McKie. Former AD Pat Kraft recently left his post for the same job at Boston College, where he’ll officially begin on July 1st.

Dunph makes sense in the short term. Temple, like all schools, is trying to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and figure out a return to sports, and he’s an experienced guy who can help figure things out while the school searches for a permanent Athletic Director.

Writes Narducci:

According to one source, Dunphy is not expected to be a candidate for the athletic director’s job, but that could change. The source said that Temple hopes to have an athletic director named within 90 days.

Seems like a smart path forward.