Rodney McLeod Expects Eagles Will Demonstrate for Social Justice Before 2020 Games

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles’ response to the Colin Kaepernick protest didn’t involve kneeling, though a number of the players did raise a fist in support of the former San Francisco quarterback’s demonstration regarding social and racial injustice.

Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long were two of the involved Eagles players, who are no longer with the team, but free safety Rodney McLeod told ESPN”s Tim McManus in a recent interview that he expects the Birds to participate in some way, shape, or form this year:

Full transcription here, beginning with T-Mac asking McLeod if he’ll demonstrate:

McLeod: I think I will. I have not decided on what that looks like. I think I will in some capacity.

McManus: Do you have a sense that a majority of the team is going to join you?

McLeod: I would believe so. I think it’s important for us to continue this and not let this pass us by. So let’s take the right steps, and that means committing ourselves throughout the 2020 season and further until we get change.

Somewhat vague, but the interesting thing to me is that Malcolm Jenkins was sort of the de facto leader of the Eagles demonstration over the years, which ultimately resulted in a clash with Eric Reid, who got in his face and called him a “neo-colonialist” when they met on the field. Reid basically felt like Jenkins was selling out by agreeing to accept money from the NFL for social justice causes, because he wanted to continue Kaepernick’s protest instead. There was a public and messy split in the ranks of the players coalition back then.

Seems like McLeod might be the guy leading the demonstration this year, so we’ll see how it unfolds.

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31 Responses

  1. I loved seeing Bubba Wallace’s Black Lives Matter racecar in the NASCAR race the other day.
    It was running really well in the race. It was a real shame when it was repossessed, half way through the race.

  2. So these idiots plan on demonstrating for social justice?
    Exactly what do they want done? They have no idea what they actually want done. What does social justice mean? Does it mean throwing a hundred million dollars at some corrupt organizations like Michael Jordan. Like that $ is going to actually help anyone, it just goes into the pockets of scumbags like Renee Chenault’s husband.

    1. I read that the Democrats of the Phila house are proposing a $500 million dollar bill to promote social equity, so yuo’re a little light on yuor estimate

  3. Rodney, if you’re really woke…..Tell all the white fans to not buy tickets!!! That is the social justice we need!

    1. Joe –

      Reviewing the info you sent in. Things aren’t looking good.

      See if you can get some OT or a payday loan.

  4. I’m surprised he isn’t demanding that they cut all the white guys….FUCK OFF McDICK

    1. Patriot Joe –

      Stay strong. Being white won’t be such a hardship forever.

      We have our people. Our comrade cop killer in California we blamed on ANTIFA, was a whiny right wing putz, like us.

      Stay strong. Be blessed.

      Trump 2020 guys!


  5. This article was way to long to hold my attention span.

    IT was written/stolen by someone who was shiitcanned from channel three
    because he used a company soc media accouunt to mock mexicans
    with raaciial name like P,U,T,O.

    either he is idi0t or raciist. which?

    Kinkier never explained what went down with this BUT
    he continually mocks and judges other people on a daily basis.

    This includes working for a company that only has young white wigger males
    on staff and does not hire women or people of color.

    Nothing more than a fucking hippocrite!!

  6. Over/under on the amount of hair transplants Mikey Miss has had? Sources tell me 4.

    1. Moot point no fans will be in the stands Green zone only permits 250 people
      TV will finally start to show National Anthem

  7. in my opinion, they should play the National Anthem earlier, like when the players are in the locker room. then they can come up with their own form of protest that does not involve veterans or the flag. Or just not play it anymore at sporting events

    1. What would happen if a White player wore a hoodie that read, STAY WHITE?

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