Several Cowboys and Texans Players Reportedly Test Positive for COVID-19

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s another one for the “not sure whether to laugh or cry” file:

Pro Football Talk says it was two Cowboys and two Texans who tested positive, including a Houston player who attended George Floyd’s funeral last week.

Texas as a state has been a lot more lax than others when it comes to COVID guidelines, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see elevated numbers there. Hopefully these guys are alright, and hopefully the god damn Cowboys don’t jeopardize the NFL’s return, as if we need another reason to dislike that pitiful excuse of a football franchise.


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  1. Of course we protected Target, it’s obvious by the photos that is where we buy all of our clothes, and cool bandanas to cover our (obviously bald) heads.

  2. They are the greatest.

    Imagine the life they have. Stumble over from the row and protect a statue with cops all around.

    I laughed every time that came on the news.

    When the protesters show up, they will be sprinting back to the row. Lol

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