Southeastern PA Moving to COVID-19 Green Phase Next Week, Philadelphia a Bit Behind

Great news everybody.

We’re one week away from moving to the COVID-19 green phase in Southeastern Pennsylvania, announced today by Governor Tom Wolf.

From FOX 29:

The eight counties in our area that will move into the least restrictive phase of the three-tiered plan include: Philadelphia, Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lehigh, Montgomery, and Northampton.

Counties in the green phase will enjoy the return of indoor entertainment and recreation businesses, such as movie theaters, casinos, and shopping malls. Likewise, restaurants and bars can reopen for indoor dining with a 50 percent capacity cap.

Salons, barbershops, gyms, spas other personal care services will be allowed to reopen under the green phase. All health and wellness facilities must operate at 50 percent capacity, and health officials are recommending visits be made by appointment.

Can’t wait. First thing I’m gonna do is get a haircut. Then it’s off to Penn Park for 15v15 pickup soccer, no corner kicks. Maybe swing by Evil Genius on the way home and demand to be served without a mask.

Anyway, Mayor Kenney is gonna hold Philadelphia back a little bit, and we won’t get full green access like the other counties until July 3rd.

In an eight page guideline called “Reopening with Care,” this is noted:

If I’m reading that correctly we’re in line to resume playing sports again if we hit the required targets by next Friday. The “targets” are based on a number of factors in a graph on that PDF file, such as “presence of virus,” “adherence to guidance,” and “effectiveness of containment.”

In layman’s terms, if we follow the rules and do what they ask us the do, regardless of whether we agree or not, the sooner we get back to life as normal.

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10 Responses

  1. “In layman’s terms, if we follow the rules and do what they ask us the do, regardless of whether we agree or not, the sooner we get back to life as normal.”

    Unless you are a rioter, looter, anarchist, or “peaceful” protester (only protesting what is acceptable to the left).
    If you fit into these categories, you are exempted from the above guidelines.

  2. Can’t wait to see all the dumb contaminated virus laden filthydelphians out there without masks on polluting my air and getting the virus.
    Just make sure you assholes stay away from me.

    How many thousands of people have to DIE before you idiots “GET IT”?

    1. I won’t be wearing a mask. I don’t wear one during flu season and I’m not wearing one now. Stay home if you’re afraid.

        1. If that person is under 80….it’s a 99% chance that’ll never happen

          Democrats REALLY hate it when people don’t listen to them….maybe because most have spent their entire lives as “civil servants” and never really managed anything in their lives.

          Guess what homes….”government” was never supposed to be a career choice, so fuck off.

  3. The big cities will fall first.

    What you should be concerned about is graveyards having enough space when you crumbs start
    kicking off because you can’t get a ventilator and you infect the whole block.

    Then you HAVE to have a fucking shiitty wawa hoagie, otherwise you’ll fucking cry.
    Then you past your disease on to every one else in the precinct.
    Then the townships fall.

    I guess you wanks can get cremated ans flushed down the shiiter.
    That would fit for an idiot.

  4. You snowflakes are a bunch of fucking sheep. Pussies.
    Get out there and live your lives, don’t listen to my bullshit

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