Surveillance Video of Dallas Goedert Altercation Released

Surveillance footage of Dallas Goedert at the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, S.D., via Adam Schefter's Twitter account (@adamschefter)

Last night Mike Kaye, an Eagles beat reporter for, reported Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert had been involved in an altercation in a restaurant, being “sucker punched” by a patron at the establishment.

The young tight end was uninjured and the punch was described by Kaye as “unprovoked,” but details were spotty.

Today, Adam Schefter, via Twitter user @SamStompy, tweeted out the surveillance video of the incident and “GOD DAMN” just about perfectly sums up what happened.

CRIPES. Goedert looks like he’s completely knocked out cold from the punch. Schefter reported the incident took place at the Zoo Bar in Aberdeen, S.D.

Maybe it’s not the best idea to be out a bar without a mask and trying to break up fights when you’re a professional athlete, but what do I know?

It doesn’t look as if the Eagles have commented on the incident as of yet.


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  1. That’s what you get for being out without a mask and zero social distancing when Covid-19 is running rampant around the country.

  2. I don’t know what to do , I’ve tried everything. The fat fuck eats cotton candy for breakfast.

  3. Seriously lucky Dallas didn’t die . Anyone who sucker punches someone should do automatic time. Coward move

  4. I’ll be talking about this tamero morning and you stupid Philly sports fans will be listening.

  5. why isn’t it smart to be out a bar without a mask? You realize on the warning label of these masks it clearly states that it does not stop the spread of illness or disease? Only one mask sort of does that and its the N95 and must be worn with a perfect seal. And even if its with the perfect seal its only 95% effective. So again I ask you, whats the point of the mask other than infecting yourself by putting your own CO2 back into your body? You may want to get a job with grandpa Angelo’s liberal morning show and listen to him attack Governo Desantis. Going to be a glorious day when Cataldi kicks the bucket

    1. I just got back from Sea Isle City. No one looked like Eagle Shirley, but I still act Woke.

    2. We all wear masks. There are 7.5 million of us. Four of us passed away from Corona.

      Libs hate facts.

      Masks are a political issue for The Dumber.

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