The Flyers Skate Zone Reopens Today

We’ve got hockey action yo!

The NHL today is reopening rinks and facilities as part of Phase 2 of the league’s return to play plan.

Via the league website:

NHL teams can now begin limited workouts with small groups at their team facilities, the start of Phase 2 of the Return to Play Plan.

The Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders, Philadelphia Flyers, Toronto Maple Leafs and Vegas Golden Knights are among the teams expected to open their facilities Monday. The Pittsburgh Penguins have said they will return to the ice Tuesday, and the Arizona Coyotes announced they will return Thursday.

The Skate Zone is in New Jersey, where Governor Phil Murphy gave the all-clear last month for sports teams to return to training and competition.

Flyers players are not required to be there today, as Phase 2 provides the option of returning for small group on-ice and gym workouts. Some players and coaches remained in the region after COVID-19 first hit, but a large number returned home, and some of the international guys are stuck due to travel restrictions. GM Chuck Fletcher said Friday that he expected six players to be there today.

The NHL’s Phase 3 is the start of training camp, which is expected to be green lighted around July 10th. There’s no official date for Phase 4, which is the beginning of the qualifying games and round robin seeding that will precede the playoffs. The Flyers will take part in the round robin with Boston, Tampa, and Washington.

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