The SEC Wants Mississippi to Change its State Flag

In the latest development stemming from the George Floyd protests and demonstrations, we have the Southeastern Conference commissioner wading into the dispute over Mississippi’s state flag, which contains the confederate stars and bars:

Ole Miss came out in support of the statement, noting that they stopped flying the flag over campus back in 2015. Mississippi State is also on record saying that they’d like to see the flag changed.

Of course Ole Miss and MSU have no decision making power when it comes to a governmental matter, and some people seem annoyed that Sankey (a New York native) is inserting himself into a socio-political issue as an outsider who works in collegiate sports. He’s basically just putting more pressure on government officials to make a change, or else Oxford and Starkville take some collateral damage. They wouldn’t be able to host, for instance, the softball or baseball championship tournaments, which would not only give their teams a home town advantage, but you’d lose out on the economic bonus of filling hotels with out of state guests who would also be eating and shopping and spending money in the area.

One other thing I’d suggest is that Mississippi State fans should no longer be allowed to bring those dumbass cowbells to Davis Wade Stadium. Every time you watch one of their home games you hear the cowbells coming from the stands:


The NCAA issued a new policy today – 

The NCAA Board of Governors has expanded the Association’s Confederate flag policy to prevent any NCAA championship events from being played in states where the symbol has a prominent presence.

The policy previously barred the awarding of sites determined in advance of a championship in states that displayed the Confederate flag. However, if a college or university team earned the right to host a championship game based on its tournament seeding or ranking — considered a nonpredetermined award — the team could host on its college campus or in its home territory.

Mississippi is the only state currently affected by the Association’s policy.


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15 Responses

  1. I agree they do need to change that offensive flag.
    The red, white and blue stripes need to go, too much like that facsist USA flag

    1. 1.) greatest name I’ve seen on this website
      2.) Mississippi’s red white and blue strips are exactly the same as the Confederate States flag from 1861-1863. They look identical.

  2. Maybe they can award a Confederate flag to the team that loses the most games each season. They can preserve the heritage of the South that way.

    1. Come on over to Bucks County, tough little man and tell me to my face to take the Confederate flag down from my shed.

  3. I enjoy flying the Stars & Bars off of my pick up truck. It makes me look way cool to the ladies and all the dudes I hang out with. I am all about states rights and freedom! #gayfortrump2020

  4. g o t t a l o v e i t.
    a c o r r u p t a t h l e t i c i n s t i t u t i o n out to l i n e its p o c k ets..and s h i i t t i i n g all over k i d s
    d i c t a t i ng p o l i c y to s t a t es.

    y e a h su r e . t h a t w i l l wo r k .

  5. gotta love morons calling for the stars and bars to be banned calling it the Confederate Flag while completely oblivious to what the Georgia state flag is. stay ignorant, dummies.

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