This is What the “Virtual Fans” Look Like in Spanish Soccer League

via Mark Burns at Sports Business Daily

La Liga returned today and is debuting some “virtual fan” technology to make up for empty seats in the empty arenas.

This is what it looks like in a still frame:

And a video clip so you can see what it looks like while the teams are playing:

Kind of looks like a video game, doesn’t it? Like Madden or FIFA, which makes sense, since they worked with EA Sports and a Norwegian company to make this work. You can see the clip of the empty seats when the camera switches, since the virtual technology is only applied via the main camera that pans left and right.

Gotta say, I think I prefer the empty seats. You?


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  1. kevin,

    Have you seen that New Pete Davidson flick ‘The King Of Staten Island”?

    Is it any good?

    I remember you talking about Pete before so i figured i’d ask.



    1. Kinkeir is a mute except about matters that he can buully and mocck people with
      which is what a majority of his articles are about doing.

  2. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. Was this lazy post just for subscribers?

    Upon further review, Coggin’s swing and miss attempt at humor in his earlier post wasn’t so bad after all.

  3. Patriots –

    President Trump put out a disclaimer. It says that we all know the risk for catching Covid 19 is high when a lot of people are around. It also says if you attend a Trump rally you won’t sue him when you get sick. You take all risk if you attend.

    Key points to take away:
    – obviously this is whole thing is a liberal hoax
    – we need to get back to normal ASAP. This virus is a joke
    – Don’s money is more important than your life
    – screw your if you get sick. You have TDS And it’s fake news

    TRUMP 2020 GUYS!

  4. Everyone takes all the risk by leaving their house. You’re argument is silly. You sound like a nice boy who was radicalized by his liberal professors at an average university. The antifa movement is 1% as popular at Bernie Sanders. Your team has literally zero chance of winning. Trump has a higher approval rating now than his first month as president.

    1. Patriot Kent the Plumber –

      You must be confused. I am 100% behind the President. We all know this is a hoax. I am anti-education, just like you. Slow is the way to go!! Been that way for generations in my family. We just keep spawning trash! I started buying my ex step-son cigarettes when he was 13!! We are the same, Patriot.

      Great news about the approval rating. Things are going very well.

      Remember – don’t wear a mask. Call it a hoax. It’s all a ploy to ruin Don. When you get sick, blame the media.

      Trump 2020 guys!


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    IT was written/stolen by someone who was shiitcanned from channel three
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    Kinkier never explained what went down with this BUT
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    This includes working for a company that only has young white wigger males
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    Nothing more than a fucking hippcrite.

    Yes i mispelll everything on purpose.
    I’m suprised you dukmb fuckers haven’t figured that out by now.

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