Tobias Harris Says Sixers “Haven’t Had the Best Chemistry” This Season

Photo credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tobias Harris went on First Take Friday morning and had this to say, among other things:

Goes without saying, but the addition of Al Horford and Josh Richardson, combined with moving Harris from power forward to small forward, made for a much different looking lineup to start the season.

And the injury point is valid –  Joel Embiid (shoulder), Ben Simmons (back), and Josh Richardson (hamstring) all missed time this season, resulting in the starting five only playing 22 games while sharing 244 minutes on the court. During that time, they were a +44, with an elite 97.1 defensive rating and 8.5 net rating. They were great on the rare chance they actually got to play as a unit.

We’re gonna be healthy, a lot healthier than we were before,” says Harris in the clip, and don’t sleep on that. Depending on where Simmons is one month from now, this might actually be the best chance for Brett Brown to carry a full roster into the postseason, as I wrote a few weeks back.

Whether or the pieces fit is another question entirely. The answer to that prior to COVID-19 was “no,” but we’ll find out for good once the NBA restarts in July.

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