Trevor Bauer and Aubrey Huff Don’t Seem to Like Each Other

If we put together a Mount Rushmore of 2020 douchebags, Aubrey Huff’s face would be the first one carved into the granite.

The former San Francisco Giant, who won a pair of World Series rings during his playing days, has established himself as one of the biggest losers on Twitter, a fake tough guy who just hurls childish insults under the guise of being a true patriotic American fighting off the insurgent wave of beta males and soy boys.

Case in point, here’s a random ad hominem attack on Trevor Bauer:

And after Bauer’s initial response, here’s Huff resorting to the typical jabroni insults, like “cuck” –

And the follow up:

It keeps going for a little bit, if you wanna check out the rest. Bauer, of course, has said some dumb things over the years, so this was not exactly a genius meeting of the minds on Twitter. Huff though comes off sounding like a clown, as usual.