Villanova’s Saddiq Bey Staying in NBA Draft

USA Today Sports

The 21 year old Nova forward will forego his remaining years with the Wildcats and enter the NBA draft.

He provided a statement to ESPN:

“This has been a pivotal time in our country and honestly not how I imagined the last few months playing out. Between the pandemic and national outcry against racial injustice, it has given me a lot of time to think and gain perspective outside of basketball. I have thought a lot about my decision to enter the NBA draft and specifically how that would impact my teammates, coaching staff, and the pursuit of my degree.

I am forever grateful to Villanova University.

Bey is a potential lottery pick projected in that mid-to-late first round area right now, a high-energy small forward standing 6’8″ with an incredibly wide wing span. He really took off during his second year under Jay Wright, shooting 45% from three on 5.6 attempts per game while pouring in 16 points per game. He’s a very good two-way player with a quality catch and shoot game, and while there are concerns about his explosiveness and athleticism, he would enter the NBA as a 3 and D guy and likely be able to contribute meaningful minutes right away.

He might be an option for the Sixers in that late first round, so keep an eye on the player and team and we’ll see where the chips fall when we finally reach the draft.

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