A Grand Total of Zero COVID-19 Positives Inside the NBA Bubble

The bubble is working. Not even Lou Williams and Richaun Holmes could upset bubble integrity with their food-related transgressions.

Today the NBA announced that there are a grand total of zero COVID cases down at Disney:


Same with MLS, which has been clean for a while now. Both leagues did a good job with their bubbles, but the NBA did it better than MLS.


Because they had teams come down early. Players and coaches have been there for a few weeks now, which allowed a cushion period for everyone to settle in following travel, get everything under control, and then begin play. MLS had issues with two teams, who brought COVID with them, so they had to quarantine those squads and then kick them out of the tournament entirely.

Unofficial sports league COVID safety rankings as of 7/29 –

  1. NBA
  2. NWSL and MLS
  3. probably the NHL, though the teams just got there, so we can probably bump them up to #2 once we give it some time
  4. NFL
  5. every other league that I forgot to mention
  6. Major League Baseball

Haven’t been paying much attention to the WNBA, but seems like smooth sailing for that league as well. We will update the unofficial and arbitrary rankings moving forward.