Ben Simmons Says There are “A Lot of Largemouth Bass” at Disney

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Earlier this week, Josh Richardson shared video of his Sixers teammate Ben Simmons holding up a fish that he caught in the Seven Seas Lagoon that surrounds the team’s Grand Floridian hotel.

That’s actually been part of the daily routine for the Sixers point guard/power forward, who was asked today about filling his free time in the Walt Disney World bubble:

“The fishing conditions are very good. A lot of largemouth bass. I mean, I fish a lot, so this is what I do every day. I work out, play some video games, and fish, so that’s my day-to-day routine. Overall I think everybody is just doing something to be productive in some sort of aspect. But I think guys are enjoying it. Myself, personally, I’m having a good time, just working out, getting ready for these games coming up, and just getting used to that free time with something I enjoy doing. It’s been good.”

Largemouth bass, aka “Micropterus salmoides.” They’re one of the top recreational species in the country and you’ll find them stocked in various bodies of water specifically for fishing.

Disney actually does guided fishing tours on Seven Seas Lagoon, which is man made, and Bay Lake, which is a natural body of water. The Grand Floridian sits right on the edge of the lagoon, which makes for a pretty badass setup for the handful of NBA teams staying there, if we’re being 100% honest:

Imagine that, going down to Disney and playing basketball, playing video games, and fishing, while earning millions of dollars. I think most American men would sign up for that. All you have to do is avoid the dangerous virus that forced us into this situation in the first place.

A bit more on the angling scene via “Dad’s Guide to Walt Disney World” – 

The lagoon was originally constructed for swimming and surfing. Surfing was discontinued after beach erosion was found at the Polynesian and swimming stopped after a dangerous bacteria was discovered. Boating is still allowed.

In 1973 fish were introduced into the lagoon and fishing started in the 1990’s.

There ya go. This has been your Disney World fishing update.

(But on a serious note, doesn’t it seem like the Sixers are pretty relaxed? They’re playing FIFA, fishing, and filming documentaries. They aren’t breaking rules and getting themselves in trouble, at least not yet.)

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