Huge college football news right here:

This would come just 24 hours after the Ivy League announced that it would play no fall sports in 2020, which in our area would mean that Penn does not participate in Big Five basketball, assuming the other four schools do play this year.

For the Big Ten, it would mean the 14 conference members lose all of their OOC games, which would see Penn State’s games with Virginia Tech, Kent State, and San Jose State go into stasis, or abeyance, or whatever term you wanna use. The Nittany Lions were set to begin conference play on September 14th at home to Northwestern.

Hypothetically, the Big 10 could fill an entire 12-game schedule by playing strictly conference games, but a conference like the Big 12, which only has 10 member schools, would only be able to do nine games total, as an example.

Maybe this foreshadows the cancellation of the entire college football season, but God, I hope not. If that happens, SEC country will be inconsolable.