FOX 29 Wants You To Kill, Squash, Smash, and Get Rid of the Spotted Lanternfly

You see those spotted lanternflies? They’re everywhere! Bastards jump three feet in the air when you try to take them out, as we’ve been instructed by authorities.

They’re an invasive species that feeds on trees and plants, and because they don’t have a natural predator in this region, they reproduce at a rapid rate. They think they can do whatever the hell they want.

If you see a spotted lantern fly, kill it, squash it, smash it, and get rid of it, as the FOX 29 Good Day Philadelphia crew reminds us:

Great video! It’s so outrageous that it’s brilliant.

Watch out spotted lanternflies, because the Homo sapiens are coming for you. We are the apex predator.

(I have no clue when this clip was shot. Somebody shared it on the Fishtown Facebook page and I felt like it was relevant because I saw a couple of these lanternflies the other day.)

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