It’s hard to believe today’s the final day of July and with August staring us in the face, it would be understandable to lament the ominous feeling that the end of summer often brings. However, 2020 isn’t your average year. With a number of school districts opting for a virtual start to the school year through at least the end of summer, one could argue that we’re only reaching the midpoint of summer.

That means many people in the Delaware Valley are in real danger of running out of propane. The problem? Thunderstorms are in the forecast and some serious summer heat is as well. Do you really want to lug your empty propane tank to the local convenience store for a swap out?

Thanks to our friends at Cynch, you won’t have to. That’s because Cynch will come to your house, pick up your old tank, and leave a full propane tank on your doorstep. No stress. No hassle. Just a new propane tank to fuel your grilling needs. What about the cost? Cynch will get you set up for less than half the cost of a traditional propane tank exchange at most stores. If you use our promo code ITSLIT5, Cynch will swap your propane tank for a full tank for just $10. Seriously. Just $10. What if you don’t have a propane tank to swap out or you just want to add a second tank to the rotation? Use our promo code ITSLIT5 and Cynch will bring a full propane tank to your home for just $49.99.

Since there’s at least a month or two left in prime summer grilling season, you’ll inevitably run out and need a full propane tank. Let Cynch take care of all of the physical labor. Avoid the stressful experience of wearing a mask and social-distancing in line at the convenience store by scheduling your delivery today!

Remember, even though we have plenty of warm days ahead, the evenings will start to cool down a bit. There are a plethora of ways to utilize propane for your backyard entertaining. Gather the family around a low-maintenance fire pit without pulling that rusty axe from the shed, because fueling your fire pit with propane is an exponentially cleaner experience than dealing with leftover ash from a wood pit. Plus, a propane fire pit is easier to start, requires little-to-no prep, and can be fired up on a whim, perfect for an unexpected visit from friends!

Our friends at Cynch are the masters in utilizing propane in a variety of ways and what sets them apart from everyone else is their incredibly convenient, low-cost delivery service.

Make sure to order your Cynch tank to be fully prepared for any scenario. They’ll even take away your old tank for free. Use our promo code ITSLIT5 to get your first tank exchange for only $10!

Cynch wants to make your delivery the easiest for you. Now, thanks to a new delivery option, you won’t be required to put the tank on your front step. For a small fee, Cynch will now pick up a tank from alongside your house, in the side yard, or even your backyard!