In Poll of NFL Agents, Howie Roseman Named Smartest General Manager

Ben Standig at The Athletic surveyed a bunch of NFL agents, asking them about two dozen questions on the offseason, COVID-19, and Colin Kaepernick, among other topics.

The agents, responding anonymously, were also asked to identify the smartest general manager in the league, and would you believe it, Howie Roseman was at the top of the list:

14. Among general managers or front-office leaders, who is the smartest?

Roseman (5 votes)

“If I was gonna go into the lab and build a GM, it’s a guy that can deal with the media, a guy that knows personnel and a guy that knows money. Those are the three things. Howie Roseman is a guy who I think is very good with the media from what I can tell. I know that he knows the money game very well. And I’ve known him for 15-18 years and he’s worked incredibly hard to learn football and how to evaluate to the point now where he’s really good. I give him a lot of credit that he can handle all three parts of the job.”

Hmm, well let’s hope the agents are right, because the fans and media did not give Howie a roaring round of applause after this past draft, when the Birds went out and selected Jalens Reagor and Hurts in the first and second round. We joke that Howie thinks he’s the “smartest guy in the room,” but at least five NFL agents in an anonymous survey actually do believe that to be true.

It’s a good read. There’s another blurb in there about the Eagles telling agents that they didn’t have a lot of guaranteed money to hand out, right before they did the Darius Slay deal.

Here’s the link again: NFL agent survey: 30 reps rap on transactions, front offices and current events

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