Sixers center Joel Embiid has arrived safely in Florida.

He took extra precaution, wearing a Tyvek suit on the plane to Orlando, which took off from Philly on Thursday afternoon. Now he’s posted up in Disney’s Grand Floridian hotel ahead of the team’s August 1st return against the Indiana Pacers.

What kind of shape will he be in? He’ll be down quite a few pounds, according to him:

The bubble food appears to be less than stellar. About a week ago, people on Twitter went crazy when a MLS player shared a picture of what looked like the most pitiful sandwich of all time. Then Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets posted photos of a similarly paltry appetizer preceding a hotel main course. These guys do need to eat more food and better food since they are, you know, pro athletes.

Kyle’s take is that “Disney has multiple high-end restaurants with wide range of food choices,” which one would assume allows professional athletes to get something suitable in their stomachs. No, they won’t have private chefs cooking up gourmet food in the team facility, but some of these items look like things that were served at the Fyre Fest.

I guess that’s the irony, that professional athletes are eating like normal people and staying in normal hotels, just like the rest of us schlubs.

Here’s Rajon Rondo comparing his room to a “Motel 6” –

That’s a nice room. Not even close to a Motel 6. NBA players typically stay at a Four Seasons or Ritz, but the way these guys are talking you’d think they were spending three months in some place on the White Horse Pike outside of Atlantic City.

And look, these guys are pro athletes and are used to very best. They won’t get it down there because of extenuating circumstances, but the NBA hopefully can tweak the accommodations and the food and make it more suitable as we get closer to July 30th.