Marlins Have Another COVID-Positive Player

Let’s get it back to the Miami Marlins.

Update here from Ken Rosenthal, who has been all over this story from the jump:

To recap, the Marlins remain quarantined in Philadelphia, while the Phils are thus far clean – no positives among our players and coaches after two rounds of testing.

The plan is to have the Phillies play Toronto in a doubleheader on Saturday, then finish the series on Sunday. There’s a scheduled off day on Monday, then the Phils were supposed to play the Marlins again from Tuesday to Thursday before beginning a series with Atlanta.

We’re in a pseudo-state of abeyance right now, waiting on Major League Baseball to get their heads out of their asses provide guidance and wisdom during a quirky time period.

Jeff Passan at ESPN reported earlier that MLB has tweaked some COVID-19 protocols, as the league moves at sloth-like pace to address the situation:

Following the coronavirus outbreak that infected nearly half of the Miami Marlins‘ roster and prompted the temporary suspension of the team’s season, Major League Baseball is encouraging players not to leave hotels in road cities except for games, mandating the use of surgical masks instead of cloth masks during travel and requiring every team to travel with a compliance officer who ensures players and staff properly follow the league’s protocol, sources told ESPN.

By “compliance officer” they mean babysitter. They need a babysitter to make sure grown adult men follow rules and don’t ruin it for everybody else.

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