Following a weekend of players questioning the NFL’s COVID-19 testing and safety protocols, the NFL and NFLPA have agreed to daily COVID-19 testing for the first two weeks of training camp:

This is way overdue and I imagine that were it not for the MLB labor strife and subsequent blowback from the public, we would’ve seen something similar here. Perhaps the NFL and NFLPA chose to put their collective heads together -despite what’s been a tenuous relationship over the years- to avoid any backlash from their fans.

A couple of notes on the developments in these tweets: The precedent set in the NBA, NHL, and MLS for multiple negative tests makes sense insofar as the rate of false positive results have varied by the lab administering and analyzing the results. Multiple negative tests mitigates any of the margin of error. The fact that the NFL was cognizant enough to nip the “taking tests away from those who need them” bud is a positive sign that real thought went into the decision-making process.

The NFLPA released their own statement on the testing:

Hopefully the season goes off without a hitch and we can watch the Eagles win the NFC East over those lameos in Dallas.