Now We’ve Got Allen Iverson Sharing a Photo of Himself With Louis Farrakhan

Honest to God, we were done with the DeSean Jackson saga. We decided to turn the page and move on to other things after the Eagles reprimanded D Jax but decided not to cut him.

Just when you think the Jackson/Hitler/Louis Farrakhan saga is over, here comes Allen Iverson, sharing on Instagram a photo of him meeting Farrakhan a few years ago:


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I didn’t choose to be black, I just got lucky!!! #BucketListMoment #LoveConquersHate #GoodDefeatsEvil

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The whole Farrakhan thing is fascinating to me. Obviously a LOT of black men respect the guy as somebody who has stood up for them over the years, sharing a message of empowerment from his position as the leader of the Nation of Islam. He organized the Million Man March and has always been a prominent figure when it comes to speaking on black families, black rights, and black independence.

The problem is that all of that comes packaged with a whole lot of anti-semitism and other highly questionable commentary. That’s why the Jewish community was really upset with the D Jax post, because outside of the Hitler thing, DeSean is sharing praise for somebody who has referred to them as “termites” and “deceivers” over the years.

You can’t cherry pick the good Farrakhan things while ignoring the rest, which is the key point people have been trying to make.

In this case, here comes Allen Iverson, sharing this photo at a time when everybody should be disassociating themselves from Farrakhan, not showing some awkward and misguided support for whatever DeSean Jackson was trying to do.

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