This is all over social media right now, but the details are a bit murky.

The city of Philadelphia is set to announce today at 1 p.m., during the daily COVID-19 briefing, that it will issue a ban on large public gatherings that will remain in effect until February of 2021. That would shelve a number of the holiday parades and runs and assorted annual/traditional things here in town.

From KYW Newsradio:

A city official says the decision has been made to cancel them. That includes the Thanksgiving Day parade, the Mummers Parade and all the fall road races, including the Rock and Roll half marathon and the Broad Street Run, which had been postponed to October.

This will not apply to private outdoor events with fewer than 50 guests, such as weddings and family picnics; to recreational sports with fewer than 25 participants; or events on private property, including performance venues and stadiums.

So the Eagles appear to be unaffected by this. We’ll get clarification from the city this afternoon, but my initial takeaway here is that the Mummers are NOT going to be happy with Mayor Kenney, whom they already despise. They hate his guts, and that relationship was hanging together by the thinnest of threads, but now the annual tradition goes down the tubes entirely due to the pandemic, unless they find a way to move it to March or April.

Unfortunately, Kevin Kinkel (no relation) will not be able to perform with Froggy Carr this year: