There is some excellent news for Pennsylvania online poker players as PokerStars PA launches a massive tournament featuring a $1.5 million guaranteed payout.

With the majority of American sports leagues sidelined for more than three months and just now making their way back, the online poker industry has been buzzing with players looking to get in on some betting action.

Previously, PokerStars PA tournaments such as the Pennsylvania Spring Championship of Poker, with a whopping $2 million in guaranteed payouts, generated a ton of attention. Now, PokerStars is unleashing a monster summer event–The Bounty Builder Series–and it’s a can’t-miss opportunity for players of all skill levels.

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PokerStars PA Bounty Builder Series

A big event needs one thing–big guaranteed payouts. Enter the Bounty Builder Series from PokerStars PA. This two-week event, which runs from July 12-26, features $1.5 million in overall guaranteed payouts. The action culminates on July 26 with a $150K guaranteed main event.

All events for this action-packed PokerStarts PA event are Progressive KO (knockout) format. Meanwhile, Bounty Builder Series for Belts are given to the winners of championship events. There’s even a $16K KO leader board. Those players who knockout the highest number of competitors can secure a $4,000 prize.

In terms of the series KO Leader Board, the timeline runs from 7/12 through 7/16. Here’s how it works:

Each time a player knocks out another competitor in a Bounty Builder Series event, that player will score one point on the KO leader board.

This promotion is available to all verified real money players. If a player ends up in the top 75 spots on the leaderboard, an additional cash prize will be awarded.

Bounty Builder Championship Belts

With the PokerStars PA Bounty Builder series, championship belts are provided to the winners of designated championship belts throughout the series.

In order to qualify for the action, players can first register for PokerStars PA by clicking here.

Then, players must register for designated events within the app or PokerStars software. Championship designated events are highlighted in the app.

So, what exactly is a bounty format? After knocking out (eliminating) a player from competition, that player obtains a bounty. Typically, this is a pre-determined percentage (often 50%) that a player can immediately keep upon knockout.

The rest of that money accumulates toward the remaining player’s bounty worth. In turn, this raises the stakes and rewards as the tournament action progresses.

Ultimately, progressive knockout events up to action, up the stakes, and add a different, engaging dynamic to the playing experience. Best of all, PKOs also offer players multiple ways to win cash. At the end of the day, that’s what is most important.

Getting Started With PokerStars PA

PokerStars PA offers new players two different sign up bonuses, $30 free or a $600 deposit match bonus. Obviously, the latter offer carries significantly more upside, but it is progressively released and dependent upon amounts wager and the frequency with which a user players.

Meanwhile, the $30 offer provides guaranteed up front cash to a player who simply wants to try to out PokerStars PA. The $30 is made available after first deposits and is dished out in the for of a $20 free play and $10 Spin and Go format.

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