Despite Columbus Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella recently saying he, “[doesn’t] give a shit,” about additional arena mics picking up profanity on national telecasts, it appears all hopes of unfiltered language are going the way of the dodo:

It’s not a total shock as we’ve seen Major League Soccer deal with profanity on a delay by muting all audio whenever a four-letter word is uttered, which should be expected as they’ve nearly doubled their number of microphones on and around the field versus traditional telecasts.

I imagine this might be good news for players like Travis Konecny and Scott Laughton who are notorious for their chirping on-ice:

There have been rumors of the NHL taking a similar approach in the event they opt for arena sounds over the virtual crowd noise we’ve seen piped into telecasts in Major League Baseball, the EPL, Bundesliga, and La Liga. The difference, of course, is MLB is the only league to pipe crowd noise into the stadium for players to hear. Will the NHL employ a similar tactic? Will fans prefer virtual noise or should the league take the opportunity to double down on the arena-only sounds?

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