Would you travel to Orlando and put yourself inside the NBA bubble to report on the league’s return?

Note that you really can’t do jack shit besides watch the games and sit in your hotel room, which actually might be enjoyable for people who are single or need a break from their spouse or kids.

Restrictions considered, this reporting adventure might yield some EXCLUSIVE quotes and/or a breaking news story or two, depending on what you’re able to uncover during your Walt Disney World experience.

All you need to do is find somebody to pay $550 a day to send you down there:

That’s $3,850 per week.

What a deal!

Maybe the best thing about this is that the reporters are being separated into a couple of groups, one that will have more access than the other.

Barry Jackson at the Miami Herald has some info on that:

These Group 2 reporters who attend the games cannot attend the postgame news conferences, but they can listen in and ask questions via Zoom, just as they could if they are home. One small perk: Group 2 reporters will be given priority to ask questions in news conferences, through Zoom, over reporters who are on their couch back home. So there’s that.

Newspapers nationally face the question of whether it’s worth sending beat reporters to the Orlando restart if they cannot interview anyone in person. It’s a tough call in a difficult economy.

Group 2 NBA reporters will not have access to the court level or arena corridors and will be required to wear a face covering at all times on the campus.

I suppose there’s sort of a “look at me” angle to this whole thing, like the bragging rights of being good enough for the bubble, or having an outlet that can afford $550 a day. Personally, my take is that you’d have to turn some absolutely fantastic content or get some amazingly exclusive scoops to justify doing this, or else it would probably not be worth the investment.

Call now to order, because space is limited!