“Roll Damn Tide” – Auburn Tree Poisoner Harvey Updyke Dead at 71

Harvey Updyke passed away this week at the age of 71, due to natural causes.

He’s the Alabama Crimson Tide uber-fan who famously poisoned the trees at Auburn University’s “Toomer’s Corner,” where students go to celebrate after wins. The story was outrageous at the time because it showed how football trumps everything in the deep south, to the point where a fan would apply herbicide to a rival school’s oaks.

Updyke pleaded guilty to the crime in 2013 and was convicted of “felony criminal damage of an agricultural facility.” He spent a couple of months in jail and was ordered to pay $800,000 in restitution.

The kicker was that he actually called Paul Finebaum’s radio show and copped to the whole thing:

“Do you think I care? I really don’t. Roll damn Tide.”

Auburn eventually cut down the trees, then replaced them.

What a story though. RIP Harvey.