The Blackhawks are Banning Headdresses at Sanctioned Events

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The wave of social justice sweeping across the country means that every team with a Native American nickname or mascot has issued some sort of statement regarding their current status in an ever-changing world.

The Washington and Edmonton football teams changed their names, while the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians addressed public concerns, but don’t seem to be going down the new moniker path, at least not right now.

That brings us to the Chicago Blackhawks, who today said that they would be banning headdresses at sanctioned events:

Now this is how you make a reasonable change.

You don’t immediately cave to the woke Twitter mob; you confer with Native American leaders and allow them to direct the discussion. You listen, you take their feedback, and you make the necessary changes regarding cultural appropriation. It’s a respectful and amiable discourse without the keyboard mashing and digital bitching of 23-year-old white kids who don’t even know what they’re raging against.

Good statement from the Blackhawks. Good decision-making process.

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