The Deadspin Writers Who Quit En Masse Are Starting a New Website

Remember all of that Deadspin nonsense from a year ago?

Long story short, new owners came in, the writers were asked to “stick to sports,” and then an open revolt resulted in the entire staff eventually quitting. A new Deadspin, which is incredibly shitty, replaced the old Deadspin, and the ex-writers started dabbling in other stuff.

We wrote at the time that those whiners should just form their own website and install their own business model, and now they’ve done just that in launching a new blog and media company called Defector

Feels good, doesn’t it ex-Deadspin writers? No corporate suits telling you what to write. A fresh start with a business model that you yourself control. Welcome to risk-taking Capitalism 101! It’s the American dream to start your own thing and tell everybody else to take a hike.

There’s no content on the site, not right now, but it’s noted that a podcast is coming in August and actual stories in September. It’s going to be behind a paywall, with plans starting at $69 a year ($8 a month), which gets you access to all of the articles. That’s not bad, just a little bit more than what most people are paying for The Athletic. Another plan offers commenting privileges, a newsletter with “exclusive content,” and a merch discount, among other things. Philly’s own Dan McQuade, a talented industry veteran, is part of the migrating staff.

Honest to God, we at Crossing Broad are pulling for Defector. The disenfranchised Deadspin crybabies decided to wise up, stop complaining about the people above them, and become their own bosses instead.

We respect that.

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