Hail to the ????.

Insert new name there, because the Redskins name is done.

Squashed. Kaput. Belly up after 88 years in the National Football League, the most recent two decades resulting in a grand total of two playoff wins.

They absolutely stink, and now the Washington football team will be known as something other than the Redskins, as ownership today announced that the name is officially done.

Their press release:

ESPN says the Redskins are expected to keep their burgundy and gold colors while Adam Schefter reported last week that there would be no Native American imagery in the rebrand. The ESPN story points out that the team’s logo was designed in 1971 by a Native American.

The real question now is finding a new name for the ‘Skins. I think “Washington NFC East 4th Placers” has a nice ring to it, but would settle for  “Washington Corrupt Career Politicians” if it comes down to that. “Landover Losers” would be my third place choice, and “DMV Jabronies” is fourth.