“There is No Impact on Other Stadiums,” Says NFL of Philadelphia Decision to Bar Fans from Eagles Games

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, the City of Philadelphia announced that no large public events would take place until February of 2021, putting the kibosh on the Mummers Parade and rescheduled Broad Street Run, among other things.

After some initial confusion, it was confirmed that Eagles and Phillies games would be fan-less affairs this season, with only essential personnel allowed inside Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park.

This morning, John Clark and John McMullen shared a NFL statement on the matter, reading as such:

“We are gathering information on Philadelphia. Regardless, there is no impact on other stadiums. Decisions on the number of fans at stadiums will be determined on a market-by-market basis with guidance from public health experts and in accordance with local and state guidelines. This is not a competitive equity consideration.”

The key thing here is that the NFL can’t tell a city or state what to do. Fan capacity is not their decision to make. If the City of Philadelphia or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania puts fan limitations on the Linc or Heinz Field, the NFL has no capacity to overrule that.

That may result in some teams with home field advantages and others without, which would be really unfair. It would be a total crock of crap.

Imagine a blue state like Pennsylvania and red state like Texas, and you’ve got zero fans at the Eagles/Cowboys game here, while their cockroach fans are allowed into Jerry World down in Arlington for the second game between the division rivals. They get the advantage and we don’t, simply for the fact that Texas is all over the place with COVID-19 and Pennsylvania actually has health and safety guidelines.

In that case, the only solution is to mobilize the Green Legion and the Phans of Philly and buy up every single ticket for every single road game, and even if stadium capacity is 20%, we’re gonna partially fill that motherfucker with Eagles fans to negate the wildly unfair competitive imbalance.

Go Birds!

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