This Sounds Like the Dumbest Idea Ever

Report here from Jesse Rogers at ESPN:

This is also being reported by the Miami Herald, and it can’t be a serious idea, can it? It’s an 18-hour drive from Philadelphia to Miami, and bus drivers are limited in how many hours they can log per day, so either they’d have to switch the driver or stay overnight somewhere. How many people are signing up to haul a bunch of COVID-positive baseball players all the way down there? Get these guys hazard pay and a Tyvek suit.

Also, the Marlins now have 18 players infected, plus two coaches, which makes up 30% of their 60-person traveling party. Even if they continued on with their schedule, this is a depleted team missing some good players, which would make future competition a farce.

Oh yeah, and there’s a hurricane headed towards Florida, so maybe the Marlins should just stay here and collect a paycheck while chilling in a hotel. They’re just gonna have to suck it up and deal with the consequences of their actions.

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