If you’ve been on social media the last three days, you’ve seen all kinds of cryptic tweets involving the Washington football team formerly known as the Redskins.

NOT JUST A NAME CHANGE, these people say. There will be a day of reckoning, or something along those lines.

The hint dropping has reached critical mass:

This from Tuesday:

So apparently there’s some kind of “sex scandal” surrounding the team. Jeffrey Epstein’s name is being tossed around in the rumors, which are just that – rumors.

Here’s a report from the local ABC station down there in the DMV:


Yeah? Well, we’re waiting!

Just let the lawyers look it over one more time. Give it a final read and let’s get this story published. I think I speak for everybody on social media when I say that we’ve had enough of the cryptic tweets. It’s sort of like that scene in Half Baked where Kenney is in jail, and he gets annoyed with the other three guys and says “no more window love! go sell weed!

Let’s drop the bombshell! Let’s do it.