Watch Two Sixers Draft Night Misses Battle It Out

mikal bridges

I found this video. Actually, I didn’t find it. Russ posted it in our Slack as sort of a siren song to get my attention (I instantly respond to any Android fanboy comments and Villanova fare).

The moving image captures the long-armed Mikal Bridges – heretofore referred to as SUSPENSION BRIDGES from his time winning multiple National Championships for the Villanova Wildcats – completely locking down Boston Celtics standout and fellow blue blood Jayson Tatum in some sort of Sixers draft-night misfire psychedelic. As I’m sure you recall, Tatum, the most Association-ready player in his class, was taken with the pick traded to Boston in order for the Sixers to draft Markelle Fultz, who last week was “just not physically ready” to play in a scrimmage game.* And Bridges, the hometown boy whose mom works for the team, was humiliated on draft night when he was traded for the lesser version of himself in Zhaire Smith and a draft pick that didn’t have the ROI it was supposed to, all as part of Brett Brown’s harebrained late-stage Process asset accumulation run amok.**

Let’s check the comments on that:

Zhaire Smith has appeared in 13 NBA games. He’s scored 48 points. Total.

*At a certain point you have to just start blaming Markelle. How do you enter this period not in shape to play a scrimmage? He has all the resources in the world to keep his body prepared during the three-month break.

**Like the Fed’s money printing, the Sixers’ draft pick accumulation blew up an asset bubble. The Mikal trade was a bridge too far– overthinking the obvious. Meanwhile, more practical teams just found good players, plugged them in, and have put themselves in a better position to compete for a championship… while the Sixers spent the last two seasons flailing, trying to find someone or someones to complement Embiid and Simmons without calling into question their very manhood. That, and failing to replace their top two scoring threats from last season.

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