Woj F-Bomb: ESPN News Breaker Tells Off U.S. Senator in Brusque Email Reply (Update)

via Twitter

Great story right here. I laughed out loud when I saw it hit Twitter.

Background –

Josh Hawley is a Republican senator from Missouri, the guy who beat Claire McCaskill in 2018. 40 years old, youngest senator in the swamp right now. He sent a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver criticizing the league’s deference to China, which was then disseminated via press release to a number of media outlets.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski apparently replied to the email from his iPhone, writing “f*ck you” –

Woj bomb!

Couple of thoughts here:

  1. Woj replying with an FU doesn’t serve any real purpose.
  2. Hawley outing Woj on Twitter is immature and corny.
  3. Hawley’s letter to Adam Silver is a waste of time. Go do something better. Stuff like this is why Congress has a lower approval rating than Harvey Weinstein.
  4. The NBA absolutely did bow down to communist China and the almighty dollar. It was a joke.

Pretty messy. Good for a quirky blog post, but NBA reporters telling U.S. Senators to fuck off seems unnecessarily surly (though it’s par for the course in 2020).


Woj apologized –

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