You Can Get a Personalized Cameo Message from Gabe Kapler

Does a Major League Baseball manager have enough free time to do Cameo video messages?

Apparently, Gabe Kapler does, and you can now get a personalized greeting from him for the low price of $55. 

A brief perusal of his Cameo page shows a handful of birthday shout outs and a pep talk for a guy named Martin, who is headed to Oregon law school. Imagine waking up one day and you’ve got a message, just for you, from this handsome man:

You can also do a “chat” for $9.99, or $55 for the message. Perhaps he’ll have more free time to do these if Major League Baseball continues to postpone games and spiral out of control.

Kapler’s Giants, if anybody cares, are 3-4 right now. They actually started out 3-2 before getting blasted twice by the Dodgers, which is to be expected.

Cameo says Gabe typically responds within one day, so good on him. What a guy.

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