Sixers medical update from… the Sixers:

I’m not a doctor, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and a “subluxation” is when the knee cap pops out of the groove and then slides back in. Sounds painful.

Brett Brown did not give a timeline for Simmons’ return, which is not surprising, but also not assuring.

“This one stings, for sure.” said Brown a short time ago, explaining that he was “numb” to the latest injury blow to his team.

A brief Googling suggests that Patellar Subluxation is not typically treated with surgery, but instead with a combination of rest/ice/compression/elevation (RICE), plus medication, physical therapy, and crutches or a cane to take weight off the knee.

All we really know right now is that Simmons is listed as OUT.

Here’s some info on the subluxation if you wanna click the link.